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Think EduTree.

EduTree is trying to enable faster and smarter revision,
to grow South Africa towards a brighter tomorrow.


In a nutshell, EduTree aims to create a fresh, accessible approach to exam and test revision. The way we see it, EduTree is the answer to common revision problems faced by students across the country. We believe it's not just a matter of nourishing the tree, but doing it in the best possible way. In doing so, EduTree hopes to help students grow by making Maths easier and more enjoyable.


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Perhaps one of the biggest struggles in revision is finding the right and relevant stuff to revise.

Intense efforts are put into looking through past papers, for questions that can be attempted and those that can maybe-kind-of-sort-of be tried.

This uses up both the time and energy that can be put into the questions themselves!


  • Practice Maths

    Practice Makes Perfect

    Practice your maths by answering a range of questions taken from official CAPS exams and organised into course categories. Answer questions at your own pace, repeat ones you've struggled with and skip those that you want to come back to later -then review your attempts against answer solutions.

  • EduCredits


    Credits are the currency we use in the world of EduTree – earn credits on each correctly answered question, then use these credits to access premium features on the application, like handy hints from Jabu and other hidden surprises you’ll want to get in on. The more you answer, the higher your EduCredit balance!

  • Study-Buddy

    Hint and Help...

    Meet Jabu – your all-in-one study buddy and teaching assistant – ask him anything from study tips, to science questions to exam timetables: he’s got you covered. To make use of Jabu’s genius-power, earn EduCredits and then use these to simplify, solve, or research with Jabu.

  • Progress Monitor

    How Pro Can You Go?

    Monitor your progress on the dashboard – check out your rankings against other students so you can get an idea of where your peers are at in their preparations and decide where you'd like to be. Then keep track of these goals on your way to reaching them!


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EduTree is constantly looking to develop itself to best suit the needs of users, and the education community in South Africa.


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