The idea behind EduTree came into being when one of the creators started picking up problems in his own revision methods. He realized that his struggle was not just with answering questions but also in trying to figure out which questions were even doable at his point of studying (One might say he needed revision for revision – is that even a thing?).

Then we got to thinking: “How great would revision be without the lengthy search for the right questions?” This soon turned into: “Wouldn’t it be neat to have a way of selecting questions for particular modules without having to sift for them?”

And so the EduTree seeds were planted, and the rest – as they say – is history…


EduTree is an easy-to-use, web app designed to help Matric students prepare for Maths exams. We have developed a resource for 100s of different Maths exam questions, all taken from official papers of the CAPS syllabus. We've grouped the questions according to course categories (e.g. trigonometry, calculus etc.) and then combined these with a range of cool and exciting features. Whether it’s for a preliminary test or Matric finals, EduTree has everything you need to get you ready for your assessments.

All you need to do is sign-up and start Maths-ing!


The EduTree team is made up of a group of young, innovative individuals from a variety of different backgrounds and all with unique skill-sets.

Coming together from various parts of South Africa, we are dedicated to making a changes in youth Sub-Saharan Africa and the world at large by improving education standard. We are made up of ‘The Coders’ (IT experts and computer software developers), ‘The Stylists’ (front-end designers and Marketing Experts), ‘The Brains’ (subject matter experts) and the Bosses (our two co-founders)…

Together we aim to create a fresh, accessible approach to exam and test revision. Our goal is to take study preparations to new, technological boundaries whilst also cultivating a productive culture of happy learning and personal growth.

'As long as you’re enjoying what you’re doing, you’ll always succeed.'
Yaseen Samsodien, Product Owner and Co-Founder EduTree SA